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The smart POS system

Everything you need for retail, service and gastronomy.
Fully TSE/RKSV tax office compliant!

We understand payment to be more than just a business process.

“I believe in a world where entrepreneurship and access to financial services for SMEs is a right, not a privilege. This vision, combined with decades of experience in the services and payments sector, drives us to not only offer innovative solutions, but also to create financial benefits for our partners under our electronic payments kickback model.”


Kaveh ShekhestaniCEO, Holistic Payment

The right payment solution for your industry

At holistic payment, we understand that every industry has its own challenges and opportunities. Whether services, gastronomy or retail – we offer standard and customized solutions that will drive your business forward and increase its success. Discover how our expertise can improve your processes and increase your profits. Regardless of your industry, we offer specialized solutions that meet your individual business needs.

Service Provider

  • User-friendly cash register application
  • Extensive operating functions
  • Convenient payment options for online and stores
  • Robust cloud for carefree operation
  • Integrated cash book
  • Data export tools
  • All sales in real time


  • User-friendly cash register application
  • Warehouse management function
  • Single and multi-checkout capable
  • For online orders and stationary retail
  • Robust cloud solution with secure data storage
  • Integrated cash book
  • Data export tools
  • Real-time monitoring of all sales
  • Legally compliant signature solutions for offline and online operation


  • Table planning with our application
  • Wireless billing for increased sales
  • Table layout and table changes made easy
  • Convenient payment options for online ordering and catering operations
  • Kitchen printer in the gastro WLAN
  • Robust cloud for carefree operation
  • Signing off- and online
  • Integrated cash book and data export tools

The holistic payment POS system is an innovative, practical and easy-to-use solution for all modern retail requirements. The software impresses with its versatility, flexibility and reliability. Combined with excellent customer service, holistic payment is the perfect partner for anyone looking for a modern and efficient POS system.

Stefan T.Fashion Center, Retail INNOVATION

Outstanding customer service: In addition to the innovative software and ease of use, holistic payment also impresses with its outstanding customer service. The competent and friendly team is always on hand with help and advice. If we have any questions or problems, we receive quick and uncomplicated help.

Peter K.Snack bar, Gastro SEAMLESS

The holistic payment POS system is easy to use and absolutely reliable. Even with high customer volumes, the software runs smoothly and stably. The simple operation enables us to deploy even unskilled staff quickly and efficiently.

Sophie H.Bistro, Gastro ELITE

Innovative and intuitive: the holistic payment POS system has revolutionized our business processes. The innovative software is easy to use and at the same time offers all the functions we need for a smooth process. Particularly noteworthy is the intuitive user interface, which makes it easy to use even for new employees.

Mansur A.Retail, Retaill ELITE + Inventory management

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Where can I find the GTC?

Our general terms and conditions are available for download as a PDF here.

What is a cash register system/cash register?

A POS system is an IT solution for integrating peripheral devices or software with a personal computer or electronic cash register.

A cash register is a box with a keyboard, a display for the cashier, often also with a customer display and a cash drawer. A printing unit prints out the receipts. Modern cash registers have an electronic memory for the journal data and the cash register reports at the end of the day. This information can be accessed at any time via the cloud solutions.

In addition, a POS system must ensure seamless recording and signing of receipts in cash as well as with cardsand mobile devices. It protects against subsequent changes to transactionsand fulfills the obligation to keep individual records and issue receipts.

Which companies are required to have a cash register system/registered cash register?

  1. Austria – Since May 1, 2016, all businesses with an annual turnover of more than EUR 15,000 or cash sales of more than EUR 7,500 are required to keep electronic records (cash register / cash register obligation). Since April 1, 2017, cash registers must also have tamper protection, known as the RKSV cash register obligation. (see Cash Security Ordinance:
  2. Germany – From January 1, 2020, cash register systems in Germany must meet the requirements of the Kassensicherungsverordnung (KassSichV – German Cash Register Security Ordinance) for the use of the technical security device (TSE). There is a non-objection rule until 30.9.2020. For GoBD (statutory recording obligation before the KassSichV) compliant cash registers that were purchased after 25.1.2010 and before 1.1.2020 and cannot be upgraded to the requirements of the KassSichV due to their design, there is a transitional regulation until 31.12.2022. This transitional regulation does not apply to all other cash register systems. (

What does the KassenSichV/TSE mean?

“The Cash Register Security Ordinance is an ordinance of the Ministry of Finance that prescribes new standards for the prevention of manipulation of cash registers. The KassenSichV of 26.9.2017 is based on the Act on Protection against Manipulation of Digital Basic Records of 16.12.2016. This law is also known as the Kassengesetz or KassenG.

From 30.09.2020, cash registers in Germany must be equipped with a so-called technical security device (TSE) if their design technically allows it. The safety device stores the transactionsof the cash register on its internal memory and returns a code to the cash register. This code must be printed on every sales receipt. The data is stored in an unalterable log, which must be exportable for the tax office.”(

What does the RKSV mean?

Since April 1, 2017, all cash registers must also have a technical security device. This is intended to guarantee protection against manipulation. The security device consists of linking the cash transactions with the aid of the electronic signature. The current sales level, the sales level of the last receipt and the cash sales of the current receipt are linked in the signature. This prevents manipulation by deleting documents. “In accordance with 131b BAO (Federal Law Gazette I No. 118/2015), cash registers must be protected against manipulation by a technical security device. The detailed technical specifications of this security device are described in the annex to the now notified Cash Register Security Ordinance.”

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