Cash Register Retail INNOVATION

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Additional mobile cash registers
Do you need additional mobile POS devices? All devices are pre-configured and therefore ready for immediate use. Please note that an additional active device requires an additional license!
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Our package for includes:

  • 2 cash register licenses from holistic payment
  • Devices
    V3 Mix with integr. Payment module, card reader, scanner and printer
    P2 Smartpad – quick payment and checkout via PIN pad
  • Online signature unit
  • Active SIM card
  • Authorized. Registration of the cash register(s)
  • Basic training
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Alles integriert

Incl. payment module, card reader, scanner & printer


TSE/RKSV-compliant online signature unit

SIM Karte

With the integrated SIM card, you are always online - even if the WLAN goes down again.


We take care of the official registration of your cash register(s) and provide you with professional training.

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